Lentil and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Lentil and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here is a recipe for hearty Lentil and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie that I think you will enjoy.   It’s chock full of potatoes which have been an important food to the people of Ireland since the sixteenth century – and for good reason.  Potatoes are full of life-giving, disease-fighting nutrition. 

Here are a few facts and tips about potatoes:

  • Avoid buying potatoes with a slight green color as they are sunburned and may have developed a bitter taste.
  • Avoid the extra large potato as it may have a hollow or pithy center.
  • Select potatoes that are smooth, shallow-eyed and reasonably unblemished.  
  • Potatoes may be sliced raw and used in salads. (I have not put this tip to the test but found it interesting so I thought I would share it)
  • The best way to cook potatoes to maintain the maximum healing benefits is to steam them. 
  • When making homemade vegetable broth, include potato skins to improve its alkalinity. If you are – not making broth, toss potato skins in your compost – they will do their part in rebuilding the garden soil.
  • If you are fighting any of the following conditions, consider adding potatoes to your diet: liver disease, heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, SIBO, IBS, rheumatoid arthritis, and depression.  For more conditions that potatoes may help refer to Anthony William’s book, Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods
  • In Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book, Foods That Heal, he said “I believe that if we had to confine ourselves to one food, the potato is the one on which we could live almost exclusive of other foods, as it is a complete food in itself.” 
  • Potatoes are inexpensive – a good way to eat nutritiously while lowering your weekly grocery bill. 

In my family, this hearty lentil and mushroom shepherd’s pie is loved by meat eaters and vegans alike so it’s a perfect dish to include at our family meals.  Hope you enjoy!

Hearty Lentil and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie

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This hearty and delicious recipe is adapted from a recipe I found in Nava Atlas’ cook book, Vegan Holiday Kitchen.


  • 10 medium potatoes

  • 2 T of vegan butter or ghee

  • Salt to taste

  • 1/2 cup soy milk (rice milk or almond milk can also work)

  • 2 T olive oil

  • 1 large onion, finely chopped

  • 2 cloves garlic, minced

  • 6 ounces baby bella mushrooms

  • 2 15-ounce cans of lentils, lightly drained

  • 2 T Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

  • 3 tsp of an all purpose seasoning blend

  • 1/2 tsp dried thyme

  • Pepper to taste

  • 3 T cornstarch or arrowroot

  • 10 ounces baby spinach or arugula leaves

  • 1 cup fresh bread-crumbs


  • Peel and dice potatoes. Place in a large saucepan with enough water to cover. Bring to a simmer, then cover and continue to simmer until tender, about 20 minutes. Drain and transfer to a small mixing bowl.
  • Stir the vegan butter into the potatoes until melted, then add the plant milk and mash until fluffy. Season with salt, cover and set aside until needed. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • While the potatoes are cooking, heat the oil in a medium skillet. Add the onion and sauté over medium heat until translucent. Add the garlic and mushrooms and continue to sauté until the onion is golden.
  • Add the lentils and their liquid and bring to a slow simmer. Stir in the Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, seasoning blend, thyme, and pepper. Cook gently for 5 minutes. Combine the cornstarch with just enough water to dissolve in a small bowl. Stir into the lentil mixture.
  • Add the spinach or arugula, a little at a time, cooking just until it’s all wilted down. Remove form the heat, taste and adjust seasonings to your liking.
  • Lightly oil a 2 quart round (or square) casserole dish. Scatter the breadcrumbs evenly over the bottom. Pour in the lentil mixture, then spread the potatoes evenly over the top.
  • Bake for 30 – 35 minutes, or until the potatoes begin to turn golden and slightly crusty. Let stand for 5 or 10 minutes, then cut into wedges to serve.


  • This recipe can be made Gluten-Free by making breadcrumbs from gluten-free bread.


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