My Promise To You: Eat Better & You Will Feel Better

Tell me if this sounds like you…

For some reason, you havent eaten healthy on a regular basis. From time to time, here and there, you may “go on a diet”.  But you haven’t practiced healthy eating with any consistency or on a regular basis.  Sure, you want to heal from aches, pain, tension, stress, illness (I mean, who doesn’t)… but you still haven’t had the motivation to make changes to eat healthy on a day in, day out basis. (yet).

So the big question is, “Why haven’t you eaten healthy food regularly?”

I hear all kinds of reasons why people might not eat healthy food. I’ll share those in just a moment. But first, I’d like you to know that it’s not your fault. Seriously, it’s not. Our American culture does not teach you how to eat food to beat disease and how to eat for overall good health. You’re not taught how powerful food can be to prevent 90% of all chronic conditions. (Notice I said, all chronic conditions. Not some.) You’re not taught how to stop sickness or disease before it happens with food and lifestyle modifications. 

Instead, you’re probably taught that eating the Standard American Diet (SAD diet) is okay. (more on that in a second). 

Let’s look at some of the common reasons I’ve heard why people don’t eat healthy:

  • No time to cook homemade meals
  • I think I eat healthy (they do not)
  • Too sick with no energy to chop and cook
  • Too expensive
  • I’m too busy taking care of others to take care of me.
  • Don’t like to cook
  • Healthy diet is inconvenient
  • Don’t know how to cook that way

But we’re not here to address all of those today.

The truth is, the number one reason I hear people dont  eat healthy is because they don’t know what eating healthy looks like. They don’t have the proper instruction on which foods promote good health.  They think they are eating healthy because they are eating “the pyramid” and following the Standard American Diet recommendations.

Another reason people don’t eat healthy, is because of an inner critic that’s telling them food doesn’t matter. We all have that inner critic, that little voice in our heads that likes to chime in from time to time about how we live our lives. Do you have that?  Do you get bombarded by negative thought loops telling you things like,

  • What I eat doesn’t really matter in the prevention of disease or my doctor would be telling me about it.  My doctor tells me to eat whatever I want as long as I can keep my weight under control.”
  • “I feel good. I can worry about diet changes later.”
  • Or, This is never going to help me heal my serious chronic condition so theres no sense in even trying to change my eating.”

Over time, these negative thought loops convince you to just stay in your comfort zone and continue to eat the same SAD diet your family and friends eat. So no diet changes, no health transformation, no healing, no investment in you and no working with Yetta. 

And that’s no bueno.

If your harsh inner critic has kept you from taking steps to improve your health by eating the right foods, remember it doesn’t have to stay this way. You have the ultimate power in this relationship. You are the one who can control your healing journey. 

NYT Bestselling author Michael Greger, M.D., FACLM says, “We strive to make the best of our lives by maintaining our physical health and mental happiness. As food is the fuel for our survival, how healthily we survive and how well we recover from illness may also depend on what we eat.”  Mention that to your inner critic next time a negative thought loop pops up.

You deserve to be healthy, happy, strong, and joyful. You are worthy of being 100%

dis-ease free. You are worthy of putting yourself first.

So now, take the next step in your healing journey.

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Improve Your Health With Personalized Nutrition Counseling - I'll Show You How!
Picture of Yetta Blair, CFNC, CHCC

Yetta Blair, CFNC, CHCC

Yetta is a certified functional nutrition practitioner, holistic cancer coach and speaker. She studied whole-food, plant-based nutrition with T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University. She is a food driven analyst and works with clients to help them use nutrition principles to solve the root causes of their health symptoms. She knows that functional nutrition is the answer to our current healthcare crisis, both for individuals and for society at large, and wants to inform as many people as she can of the power of food to heal. Her promise to clients - if you eat better, you will feel better.