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Poor Nutrition and Lifestyle Choices are the Leading Causes of Chronic Disease.

Personalized nutrition has the potential to prevent and reverse chronic symptoms by addressing root causes.



Discovering your unique response to food is empowering and life changing.

Welcome to Yetta Blair Nutrition. As a Functional Nutrition Practitioner and Holistic Cancer Coach, I specialize in helping people feel better with nutrition and lifestyle therapy. Whether you are a cancer patient seeking guidance on what to eat, and what not to eat, to support your body’s healing, or you are someone who has nagging symptoms and have tried everything to feel better but still are not at the level of health you desire, I can help. I take a whole body approach that goes beyond the one-size fits all nutrition guidance. I address the unique needs and goals of each client and seek root cause resolution to symptoms using food and lifestyle modifications.

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We begin with assessing your overall health.  You will complete an intake form that goes over your history and the symptoms you are experiencing.  Utilizing the information gathered from this tool we will  map out your unique story, noting any antecedents, triggers and mediators.


After assessing and discovering where you are, I make personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations built for your body and your life. When what you eat, how you live and what you think is in alignment with your unique physiology, your body has the tools it needs to feel better.


After you begin incorporating the diet and lifestyle recommendations, we will use tools to track how things are going and assess if we need to make any changes.

I believe my success with helping people feel better is rooted in understanding that it is necessary to teach people not only what to do and why they should do it, but how to do it so it is easy to implement.





I am Yetta Blair, a Functional Nutrition Practitioner and Cancer Coach who leads clients in reclaiming ownership of their health.

My passion for food and a whole body approach to healing helped my wife go from metastatic breast cancer with too many mets on the bones to count, to no evidence of disease. She is now back to hiking 6 miles and enjoying all the activities she enjoyed before her diagnosis. She is healthy, beautiful and thriving. Our approach was integrative and included nutrition and lifestyle changes. A great part of our story is that we do not feel we are unique. You too can feel better and live longer, regardless of what health issue you are facing. If you are ready to do what it takes to get well, then I can help you.

Yetta Blair Nutrition, where you learn answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask. 

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